How to 스타2 놀이터 do advanced research in Starcraft 2

Protoss’s strengths have been further expanded to include: 스타2 놀이터 추천


More robust and more defensive units

Deformable buildings

– Investigations with the ability to build several structures on the spot

– improved cannons that can attack from the ground and air

The capability of phase cannons to discover invisible units

– Plasma protection which can renew themselves

The phase saw can become an alternative building matrix.

– Phase saw can be rotated on the battlefield with an improved warp gate

Colossi can cross any terrain, both up then down 스타2 전문 놀이터.


The faults of these Protoss in this latest version are:


The units are expensive and take a long time to build

Buildings must be located inside the Matrix

Buildings outside the Zionist Matrix will be offline

The giant is sensitive to anti-aircraft


Three maps for this game are:


– Dark Tumblr

The Vikings have outnumbered them

Cracking the planet


The game is still in development, and there will probably be more additions before it is completed and released to the public. So far, no release date has been announced. It is known that the game will be launched simultaneously in all countries so that players in one country do not gain any advantage over players in other parts of the world. This measure is also possible to prevent any game piracy in countries where it was not released 스타2 토토 놀이터.


Scouts require Starcraft2 players of any Starcraft race to generate knowledge and learn how to respond to their enemies’ actions based on what they have observed. Chess, despite being a game in which the field is fully revealed, is strangely similar to SC2 in that your enemy’s strategies are not read in every move.


If you manage your exploration well but have difficulty interpreting the information clearly, then take a break from a game, watch the replay, and analyze the construction you see on one or more players. Organize your note in the following order and always question the player’s motives because a good player never acts without a reason to justify it.


At the beginning of the game, early exploration aims to locate the enemy’s base between trying to discover their opening intentions. Once you are sure of your enemy’s position and the distance and possible paths between their base and your base, carefully monitor the next moves and ask yourself the following:


Is the opponent looking for an aggressive, defensive, or technical construction?


If you discover an aggressive building, you will see more gates, more upgraded barracks, or a few Zerg queens with level 1 buildings and, of course, a rapidly growing army of early harassment. The most defensive player slipped into his base, blocking access to his base and probably creating some defensive structures to secretly form an uninterrupted army. Technology builders will focus on quickly reaching high-level units by assembling upgrade structures and playing defensively.


  • Is your opponent planning to build a proxy near your base?

If you do not find any activity that you usually notice at their base, you may be dealing with an aggressive construction hidden somewhere closer to your main goal. You can also count their reapers and see if there is a shortage of one or just a few employees.


How much will your opponent reap?

It should give you knowledge if they have one or two gas harvesters or have no idea what type of units they want to produce.


Will they expand quickly?

Too much exploitation with an excess of harvesters and a small army can also mean that you intend to expand, especially when your opponents are building defensively.


Halfway through the game, find out the following:

  • What is the size and composition of your opponent’s army?

If you can’t see the entire army, look at the number of army buildings it reveals. Remember any enemy rally points: the closer the rally points are to your base, the more aggressive they act; The closer they are to their country, the more defensive they are.


  • What upgrades does it have?

By clicking on their unit, you can see any damage or upgrade to the armor. Unfortunately, you will learn about improving their ability during the fight.


  • Is there any enemy expansion?

Your opponent can take advantage of resources that are far away, either shortly before or after you have faced or if you remain defensive for too long.


Are there pneumatic units?

Is he preparing to parachute your base, form an air force, or use it for exploration and harassment?


If you finally delay the game, the exploration will be limited to any surprise if you do it entirely. The late game is about keeping reconnaissance units in strategic locations to push forward with your portable power. Map control will help you determine where the enemy army is moving and where it intends to attack further. Keep exploration units or buildings well-laid and replace them when they are destroyed.


Starcraft 2 Guide – Deciding When to Attack


It is a common experience for most novice and intermediate players to be placed at their base with an army ready to go, but they cannot figure out if the time is right for it. The Starcraft 2 strategy guide will help you figure out when is the right time to launch an attack 안전 스타2 놀이터.


Many ideas run through the players’ heads, such as whether or not the enemy has an army on their own, whether their defense will rise against the attack, explore before the primary and potential attack, and so on. and a few considerations to consider before entering the fight, as a reckless attack can lead to a significant obstacle for both in terms of fighting power and economy.


Now, this Starcraft 2 guide will give you a way to decide when to attack without wasting much time quickly. This Starcraft2 strategy is straightforward when you know it, but few players indeed realize until they are told.


The strategy for Starcraft 2 is that the only time you should consider launching the attack is when you have a backup plan. This means that you need to have two projects ready before attacking your opponent, and the Starcraft 2 guide will now expand with an example.


Suppose you play a Zerg race, and you have about a dozen Roaches and Zerglings each (which is a pretty formidable army for the early game). Now, if you do not intend to create more of these units immediately if you have them idle around your base, it serves no purpose. So you decide to use this power to attack your enemy, but take a moment to think of a backup plan if the attack fails. You can consider building Hydralisk Den followed by an expansion mode.


Now is the time to send your army to the enemy base to pay a short visit to it. If you win the battle, you will have the advantage in the game, and you can continue to use the usual Starcraft 2 strategy to win the game easily. However, if you lose your army, you already have many minerals to use, an expansion that you can complete, and a series of Hydralisks on the waiting list to defend or stimulate the attack. Either way, the decision to take the fight turns out to be right for you, as you only lost units that you can afford to lose, but your enemy may not have been prepared to lose his units in this way 해외 스타2 놀이터.


The last thing our guide to Starcraft 2 will tell you is that it’s best to fight when you’re somehow sure of victory. To find out, you will need a lot of experience, so don’t worry if you miss the first games you play. Train more, and you will surely master this Starcraft 2 strategy soon.